If you’re feeling lost, confused, or stuck, divorce coaching can help.

Going Through This Journey With Hayley

I’ve been where you are not just once, but twice.  I have experienced many of the fears you have right now and I’m here to tell you I UNDERSTAND.  I’ve been an ex-wife, the “new” wife, stepmother and divorced mother. After my divorce, I moved across the country to a state and small town where I didn’t know a soul so both my son and I could heal. 

All the while I was coaching men and women going through similar circumstances.  It was in 2014 & 2015 I was honored to have been nominated for the Woman of Influence Award for my work in the community. Having majored in psychology and counseling has given me the tools that are needed to help others and make a difference in their lives. My quest for knowledge didn’t stop there.  For two years I studied and was trained in the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, who was the founder and pioneer in Nonviolent Communication which is a process of supporting partnership and resolving conflict within people and relationships.

My years of training in the field of NVC Communication prepared me to become a Certified Divorce Coach.  I studied Divorce Coaching with Sandra Lee, a pioneer in the field of divorce coaching, and it was truly an honor to learn from her.

My divorce coaching practice was built on 10 years of supporting, guiding and empowering both men and women trying to find their voice, set new boundaries, and want the guidance and coaching of a professional experienced in negotiations and fully informed about the divorce process. 

 I learned to survive, heal and Emerge Strong.  As your divorce coach, I will give you friend to friend advice while being invested in you. I will guide you through a divorce to the happier, healthier life you deserve.


A divorce coach is a specially trained divorce professional who takes you from where you are now and helps you get to where you want to be once your divorce is over. As your divorce coach, I will help you understand and navigate through the divorce system, understand your divorce options, and navigate through your divorce with more confidence and clarity while being supported, encouraged and listened to. However, a divorce coach is not an attorney.  I will not advise you to get divorced or not to get divorced. Although I don’t give legal advice, I can help you think through your many options, and guide you to making a calm, clear and confident decision that is all your own.  

 A divorce coach is different from a therapist. Therapists examine your past and how it brought you to the place you are in now. As your divorce coach, I focus on your future and guide you, so you can create the future you want while working on our plan. Since not everyone’s needs fit into a box, I offer personalized divorce coaching. Your goals will always be defined by you!


These are just a few of the common fears and concerns associated with divorce:

If any of the statements resonated with you, what do you have to lose? Set up a 30-minute complimentary call with me today. Things are complicated right now, so we will keep this simple by me listening to you.  I will listen to your story and what is going on, without any judgment. Whatever fear, worry or overwhelm you are feeling right now will be eased as soon as we start our conversation. 

I have been helping men and women find their confidence, leave their past, and love their future!